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"My – Best - is – Great - for - Your - Test.”

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I am a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor, Certified Mental Health Coach, Certified Life Coach, and a SYMBIS Facilitator.

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(856) 442-4997





Licensed Clinical

I am a masterful resource for adults and adolescents across all ages. I help individuals experience ‘life changing solutions’ for their issues, such as :

  • Transgenderism, Depression, and anxiety
  • Crisis and trauma, Greatness in you
  • Cultivating healthy anger and diffusion, Faith, and Spirituality
  • Life transitions, Work life balance
  • Marital conflict, rebuilding family systems, Guilt, and shame

These issues are counseled and coached with the successful therapies of Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Temperament Therapy, and Biblical Care.

What are you concerned about? Because of my 23 years of general and specialized expertise, your issue fits right into my skill set. You are not the only person dealing with these issues—there is victory.

Here is how we can partner together to make this situation more balanced, and you will have joy.

1. Initially, we would meet for (3) sessions:

  • The first session would involve the administering of your ‘Needs Profile.’ This profile determines your needs, strengths, and weaknesses. It identifies who you are.
  • In the second session, we would identify if your specific needs are being met. Additionally, I will ‘peel the onion’ to unravel the issues and causes, and through counseling or coaching, surgically restore each issue with proven techniques.
  • After the third session, we will brainstorm to see where you are in restoration and if additional sessions would be beneficial.

2. The Fee:

  • There is a $50.00 deposit to hold your appointment, which will be credited back to you at the end of the third session.
  • Each session is $125.00, but as a special discount of (32%), each session would cost ($85.00).
  • There is a $50.00 deposit to hold your appointment and to process your ‘Arno Profile System’ (A.P.S).

3. I have conducted over (400) sessions with people just like you. I am exactly what you need. I will walk alongside you to ensure successful outcomes and positive changes.

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