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I will work with you through this journey of success and wholeness. Why? Because you deserve to be joyful and enthusiastic in your life. My two decades of diverse counseling techniques, in addition to servicing hundreds of individuals from the youngest to the mature, across the spectrum of issues, elevates my practice to a “technique above” to meet your needs. So, let’s talk and achieve your goals.

Manzie Britt:

Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor, Certified Mental Health Coach, “Save Your Marriage ‘Before It Starts” (SYMBIS Facilitator), Certified Life Coach

The journey to the establishment of “Counseling-Coaching-Consulting LLC” has traveled several paths, from positions in the Defense Electronics arena, to the Federal Aviation Administration, and then to two decades of assisting individuals to overcome the imbalance in their lives. This is my passion.

My strong desire to bring wholeness into one’s life was born out of my own family’s heartaches and pains. A mother and sister with schizophrenia. Watching your mother sitting in a corner, laughing and talking to herself, and not recognizing that her son was visiting her; was the catalyst to me becoming a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor, Mental Health Coach, Life Coach, and a SYMBIS Facilitator.

Counseling-Coaching-Consulting LLC (3Cs), was birthed in 2012. Over the past years, we have utilized different types of clinical methodologies to bring stability and restoration. Today people are experiencing an “up-tick” in the need for clinical counseling due to:

  • The effect of the pandemic on families.
  • In general, people are emotionally shot, and running on fumes to maintain their livelihood.
  • The rise of depression, anxiety, transgenderism, family conflicts, and addictions are pushing individuals into uncomfortable places.

If you’re face-to-face with a challenge, having difficulty with past issues, or just plain stuck in the mud and don’t see a way out; my diverse counseling and coaching methodologies and therapeutic expertise will bring your spirit, soul, and body into balance.

I have administered over (400) Case Studies and Certified as “Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor” for over 20 years. I am presently enrolled in a Masters/PhD. Program.

Licensed Clinical
Pastoral Counselor


Cultivating Healthy Anger

Licensed Clinical

Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor

Pastoral counseling is a clinical practice that integrates both theological with other methodologies. This blend of Spirituality and the identification of one’s needs, strengths, and weaknesses will lend itself to the individual’s, and a family’s balance and wholeness. Pastoral counseling is a “faith-based” approach to counseling, utilizing Scripture. The principles of Theology and Spiritual resources are the tools that will foster healing, growth, confidence, self-worth, and transformation. One of the tools that I use to bring balance and victory is called the “Arno Profile System,” this powerful profile is a steppingstone to identifying who you are; to date, this profile has been (97%) effective in identifying an individual’s overall needs.

Licensed Clinical

Licensed Clinical

What is a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor?

The trajectory of healing and stability is a journey that when coupled with the Clinical expertise and Biblical wisdom of a “Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor” readily helps someone in need of balance and the wellness of the soul.

The Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor has a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree, and are advised to continue their education to the highest level in order to stay abreast of the latest therapeutic techniques in the ever-changing societal dilemmas. The Biblical aspect is paramount to becoming well-adjusted to life’s changes. This counselor incorporates several counseling methodologies that are multi-dimensional so that the therapeutic action benefits the needs of the individual.

And now, let’s connect, and partner in transparency in removing any road blocks towards the fullness of your life, your values, goals, dreams, talents and gifts.

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